Cooking/Custom Class FAQ

Who are the student cooking instructors?

​​​​​Most of our student cooking instructors are studying Food Science and Human Nutrition at U of I! We utilize a student development model.

What does the setup of a typical cooking class look like?

Our cooking class is structured to empower participants to learn and share the joy of cooking with their peers. A typical class looks like:

  1. Participants check in as they enter the Instructional Kitchen.
  2. Instructors begin by introducing the learning objectives of the class. They will provide skill/technique demonstrations and go over kitchen safety and personal hygiene practices.
  3. Participants can choose or will be assigned to an island for each recipe and work in a group. The instructors will be circling around to answer questions.
  4. Once everyone has made their dish, participants will enjoy a family-style dining experience where they get to try different dishes and bring home any leftovers from the class.
  5. At the end of the class, participants will be encouraged to fill out a satisfaction survey to share their experience and/or any theme suggestions!

Can I register for my friend as well?

​​​​No. Each Active Illini account can only register for one instance of a specific class. Each participant will need to register through their own account.

Will I be able to bring leftovers home?

Yes! The ingredients usually allow you to make extra to share and take home.

I have a dietary restriction/allergy, can I still attend the class?

​​​Yes, but please contact Rachel Yang at upon registration.

What is the cancellation policy for the cooking class?

​​​​​​A cancellation request must be submitted 48 hours before the scheduled class to receive a full refund. A 50% partial refund will be issued if it is canceled within 48 hours. A $5 processing fee is deducted from each cancellation request.

Where can I access the online version of the recipes from previous cooking classes?

​​​​You can find them on the Recipes page.

How many people can you accommodate in a cooking class?

​​​​20 people.

What is the difference between a Kitchen Rental and a Custom Class? What are the rates?

  1. The kitchen rental is solely reserving the instructional kitchen space; the group will be responsible for bringing their own groceries, filming equipment (if applicable), and cleaning the space and equipment at the conclusion of the reservation. A kitchen monitor will be on site to help navigate the utensil/equipment locations and cleanup instructions. View the Indoor Rental Rates page for more information.
  2. For a custom class, the Instructional Kitchen Staff will assist the group with the class design (budget, theme, recipes) and grocery purchase. In addition, our student instructors will be leading the class. View the Instructional Kitchen page for more information on the rental rates for custom classes.

I have more questions regarding instructional kitchen programming. Who can I reach out to?

​​​​Reach out to Rachel Yang at