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Club Sports promote student participation in a variety of physical and athletic activities, whether recreational, instructional, or competitive in nature.

Club Sports provides experiential learning through involvement/management of club activities, including recruiting, organizing, administering, scheduling, fundraising, public relations, etc. Participants develop skills in collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, and management of risk, time, and finances. While Campus Recreation can assist clubs with aspects of space reservation, event planning, and marketing, the emphasis is on student leadership and contribution. For this reason, the success of a club depends on the dedicated efforts of its student officers and members.

Intramurals and Club Sports: What's the Difference?

Club Sports allows students to meet and practice regularly over the course of the academic year to learn a new sport or continue to play a sport they love. They are student-run and may be recreational, instructional, or competitive. Some Club Sports compete at a high level and are members of conferences or leagues, while others are focused on skill development and progression.

Intramurals provides students an opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational and competitive sport activities in men’s, women’s, or co-rec divisions. The primary focus is short-term participation with or against other individuals or teams of students from U of I.


Component Club Sports Intramurals
Competition Compete at a higher level or focus on skill development. As laid-back or competitive as you make it!
Teams Join an existing sports team or start your own. Create a team with friends or be matched with a team.
Opponents Clubs from other universities. Teams of fellow Illini.
Time Long-term (meet and practice for the entire academic year) Short-term (leagues, tournaments, and special events)
Tryouts Club dependent No
Travel Possible travel to compete! All games are on campus!
Management Led by elected student officials Campus Rec staff


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