Faculty and Staff


Current full- and part-time Illinois employees are eligible to purchase Campus Rec memberships. The employee must present their valid i-card to Member Services. If the employee is Extra Help and does not have an i-card, they must present a recent pay stub and state-issued photo ID during business hours (M-F, 8:30am-5pm) so Campus Rec may verify current employment with University Personnel.

Full-time employees may have their membership fees assessed via payroll deduction by completing the necessary paperwork. Payroll deduction may also be used to assess fees for spouse and adult dependent memberships.

The Campus Rec membership affords the faculty/staff member the following privileges:

  1. Access to all recreational sports facilities to include:
    • Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)
    • Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE)
    • Ice Arena
  2. Privilege of sponsoring up to two guests per day at the daily fee.
  3. Eligibility to sponsor one non-university affiliate for Associate membership.
  4. Eligibility to participate in programs offered by Campus Recreation.
  5. Discounted rates for select programs offered by Campus Recreation.


BEST DEAL: Faculty and staff can use payroll deduction to secure an on-going membership. (four-month minimum). Add a spouse or adult dependent for just $30/month.


Retirees of Illinois, by presenting the University retiree’s card, may use Campus Rec facilities following the same procedures as faculty/staff. This policy also pertains to retirees’ spouses and to the surviving spouse of faculty/staff at Illinois. These policies are in accord with the University’s policies concerning retired personnel and their spouses as well as the surviving spouses of faculty, staff, and annuitants.

Retirees or their spouses may purchase a Campus Rec membership for the same fee charged to faculty/staff Campus Rec members. Alternatively, a retiree, by presenting the University Retiree’s card, may purchase a daily pass.

SURS Deduction

Annuity deduction membership is available to University retirees through SURS. Members who enroll in payroll deduction remain active members until they notify Campus Recreation to cancel membership via the payroll deduction cancellation form (this notification must be at least 30 days in advance). Employees who elect the payroll deduction option must agree to participate for a minimum of four months.

The current deduction amount is $42 per month. Each August, the membership rate is subject to change. Payment for locker rentals must be made at the time of rental. Locker rentals are not available through the SURS annuity deduction.

Faculty / Staff / Retiree Family Membership

Spouses or adult dependents* of faculty/staff are eligible to purchase a Campus Recreation membership regardless of whether the faculty/staff has purchased a Campus Recreation membership.

*Adult dependents are those ages 18-25 who reside with the sponsoring faculty/staff member.

Family Requirements

To purchase the initial membership, both parties must be present. Faculty/Staff member must present their i-card in conjunction with spouse's or adult dependent's own state-issued identification and one of the following as proof of relationship:

  • Spouse: their driver’s license with matching last names or marriage certificate
  • Adult dependent: their driver's license with matching addresses or other documentation

NOTE: To RENEW a membership, a spouse or adult dependent need only present their completed membership agreement form with the Sponsor section filled out and their Visitor Card in conjunction with the i-card of the sponsoring faculty/staff person.

Family Privileges

The Campus Recreation membership purchased by the spouse or adult dependent affords that individual the following privileges:

  1. Access to all recreational sports facilities.
  2. The privilege of sponsoring up to two guests per day at the daily fee.
  3. Eligibility to participate in programs offered by Campus Recreation.
  4. Discounted rates for selected programs offered by Campus Recreation.

Membership Fees


Family members of faculty, staff, or retirees are not eligible to sponsor additional members. You can purchase a membership at the ARC or CRCE Member Services during facility hours. Bring your i-card or appropriate materials. You can pay with cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).

Pro-Rated Membership: After the first day of a membership period, membership prices are automatically pro-rated based on the purchase date, excluding Summer Session memberships.
Time Frame Dates Faculty/Staff/
Retiree Cost
Retiree Family Cost
All Year August 1 - July 31 $504 $504*
Fall Semester August 1 - December 31 $246 $246
Spring Semester January 1 - May 31 $246 $246
Summer Session June 1 - July 31 $100 $100

*Add a spouse or adult dependent for only $360