Fitness Court Studio

Outdoor Fitness and Wellness on Campus
Located at the corner of Oak and Gregory in Champaign, next to the Campus Bike Center.


  • Outdoor fitness studio open to students, faculty, staff, and the community
  • Complete a full-body, bodyweight workout
  • 7 targeted movements: core, squat, push, lunge, pull, agility and bend
  • For adults of all ages and ability
  • Move at your own pace

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Fitness Court

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The Fitness Court Studio features two workout areas separated by a mural wall to inspire people as they enjoy the benefits and energy created by a great outdoor workout. The Fitness Court Studio delivers the powerful seven-minute full-body workout on one side and a versatile outdoor class area for enjoying yoga, Zumba, pilates and other popular group wellness activities on the opposite side. Created with people aged 14 and over and with all abilities in mind, the workouts are adaptable for all fitness levels, allowing participants to move at their own pace. Users also may download the free Fitness Court App which acts as a coach-in-your-pocket and enhances the outdoor gym into a digitally supported wellness experience.