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Club Sports Definition

All Club Sports are registered student organizations formed by a group of students to further their common interests in an activity through participation and competition. The common interests should be competition, instructional, or performance-based and should promote physical activity. Each Club Sport will determine its own membership guidelines, but they must be free of any restrictions or discrimination based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, or sexual orientation. Any restrictions based on gender are subject to the approval of the Department of Campus Recreation. Club members help with their own expenses through payment of individual semester and/or annual dues, fundraising projects and some university assistance.

While the Club Sport staff and Campus Recreation assist clubs in their operations, the emphasis is on student leadership and development. Students are directly and ultimately responsible for all aspects of operating and managing a successful and competitive organization. As a result, Club Sports present a unique opportunity for students to develop both athletic and leadership abilities, which will assist participants well beyond the years spent at the University of Illinois.


Spring 2016 Important Dates & Deadlines


3/16 OR
(must attend one)

6 PM

ARC Auditorium
ARC Conference Room

Current Presidents

Foundation Accounts, Practice Hours, Travel Requests/Letters, Space Requests, New President Election, Upcoming Dates/Deadlines, Proposed Changes


1 PM

ARC Auditorium

New Presidents

Introductions, Upcoming Dates/Deadlines, Instructions/Explanation of Club Processes, Available Resources


11:59 PM


(through RSO Office)

To be completed by President & Treasurer (quizzes included)


11:59 PM


End of Semester Reports

Can be completed by the current or future President


11:59 PM


Fall Space

Should be completed by new President. Only practice requests required at this time (unless you know your competition schedule)


11:59 PM


Review & Edits of
Constitution Due

Should be completed by new President. Review current constitution. Make any edits and resubmit to Club Sports Office


Important Phone Numbers

Campus Recreation

(217) 333-3806

Assistant Director of Club Sports

(217) 244-2524

Registered Student Organization Office

(217) 244-2357

Outdoor Fields Rain Line

(217) 244-0329

Indoor Facility Rentals (ARC/CRCE)

Outdoor Facility Rentals (ODC/Complex/Grove)

Ice Arena Rentals

(217) 300-3944

University Information

217) 333-1000

McKinley Health Center (Non-Emergency)

(217) 333-2701

University Police (Non-Emergency)

(217) 333-1216

Ambulance (Emergency)



Creating a New Organization

We are currently not accepting applications for new Club Sports. Please check back for updates. Keep in mind that to become a Club Sport, the following criteria must be met:

All new clubs will be on a probationary status for two consecutive semesters. During probation clubs will be allowed 50% of the maximum 70 free unit/hours allotted to full clubs. After 2 consecutive semesters of existence where all requirements are met and the club represents Campus Recreation and the University in exemplary fashion, the club will have full status at the beginning of the third semester.

Club Responsibilities and Requirements

Minimum Member Requirement

The expectation is that all clubs maintain a minimum of 10 active members. If the club falls below 10 active members for the year, a review meeting will be held to determine the future of the club.

Correspondence and Meetings

Communication will primarily be made by email to the President of the club. It is expected that Presidents frequently check email as well as forward information to the rest of the officers and members. There will be mandatory meetings called by the assistant director on an as needed basis, but generally at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester. Information at these meetings should be forwarded to the rest of the members as well.


Whenever a club travels, an online travel form must be submitted. Please submit at least 5 business days prior to the trip.

You can email me directly to request a Travel Notification Letter that team members can submit to their professors. Please be aware that section 1-502 in your student code outlines what is an excused absence from class. Participation in sport club competition is NOT considered an excused absence. The Travel Notification Letter from me is simply notification that you are a current member of your club, that the club sport is in good standing, and that the travel is legitimate. It is ALWAYS up to the individual professor/instructor whether or not to excuse you from class.

It is expected that the respective Presidents forward this information to everyone who receives a Travel Notification Letter.

Mandatory Insurance

Campus Recreation requires the purchase of Supplemental Catastrophic insurance for all members. This is an outstanding policy for a very small fee (currently $12 per person). View more details »


Our expectation is that all UIUC Club Sports members conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the University’s philosophy and function as an educational institution. View detailed expectations »


Every sport club is required to have a constitution on file with the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation in charge of sport clubs. Your constitution should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis by the club’s membership and the updated versions forwarded to the Assistant Director. The constitution should only include the fundamental framework of the club. It should be made difficult to amend in order to maintain the original intent for organizing the club. By-laws and standing rules help in keeping the constitution contemporary with the direction of the club. By-laws are established to govern its internal operation. Standing rules are those rules that may be adopted or rescinded by a majority vote at any club meeting. They usually entail details such as the meeting times for the year and location, etc. and should not conflict with the constitution and by-laws.

View a suggested outline »


Campus Recreation fully expects and demands full compliance with all requirements. Consequences of non-compliance will be determined on a case by case basis and could range from probation, to loss of space, to loss of Club Sport status.

Membership Requirements

Membership and participation within a sport club must be free from discrimination based on race, religion, ethnic group, or national origin, pursuant to the Code on Campus Affairs and Regulations Applying to All Students. Each club constitution must carry a statement to this effect. Membership may consist only of current students and current Campus Recreation members. Campus Recreation requires the sport clubs under its sponsorship to add the following specific requirements for membership:

  1. Students - Individuals desiring membership with a University of Illinois sport club must have been admitted to the University as an undergraduate or graduate student. All student members must have a valid i-card and must have been assessed the Student Service Fee. Student members must be in good standing; i.e., not been dismissed, suspended, or dropped from the University without thereafter having been re-admitted.
  2. Campus Recreation Members - Individuals wishing to gain membership within a University of Illinois sport club must have a current Campus Recreation membership and be in good standing with the Division.

The Club Advisor

Each club is recommended but not required to have an advisor to provide direction and help maintain continuity in club programming. A good advisor can be a valuable asset to a club in terms of providing mature judgment, advice based on experience and insight into university operations and policies. The foremost goal is to allow the club to be self organized and self-governed. The advisor is to guide and counsel club members where it is appropriate or necessary.

Risk Management

First Aid/CPR

It is recommended that at least two members of the club be First Aid and CPR certified. A class will be provided by DCR in order for club members to obtain certifications. It is highly recommended that a club member certified in First Aid and CPR attend all club activities.

Injury/Incident Reports

All accidents/injuries/incidents that occur to a club member during a club event supervised by Campus Recreation employees at Campus Recreation facilities will be documented on a Campus Recreation accident report. Accidents and injuries occurring in other instances (for example, away events) should be documented on the same form by club officers.

Accident Report (pdf)

Campus Recreation Supervision of Club Events

Club events at Campus Recreation facilities are always supervised by Campus Recreation employees. In the event of an injury, accident or incident, club officials and/or members should communicate directly with the supervisor on duty who can facilitate emergency action plans. When outside of Campus Recreation jurisdiction, utilize the hosts emergency action plan or call 911. Incident and accident reports should be available when practicing or competing outside of Campus Recreation facilities.

Please contact the Assistant Director for Club Sports for assistance if you feel the dedicated presence of a trainer, EMT, physician, etc. is warranted.

NOTE: All expenses incurred for treatment at the hospital are the responsibility of the injured participant.

NOTE: Prior to the start of the event, it is recommended that the above procedure be explained to the coach of the visiting team. He/She, as the representative of the visiting team, will determine whether or not to use the services offered.

Away Sport Club Activities

  1. Prior to the start of your away club activity, it is recommended that arrangements be made with the host school or club to determine what procedures are to be taken to assist in handling an injury to an Illinois club member.
  2. All expenses incurred for treatment, transportation to the hospital, etc., are the responsibility of the injured participant.
  3. Submit to the Assistant Director a completed Accident Report form for an injury to an Illinois club member requiring some form of professional or emergency medical attention that occurs during an off-campus club related activity immediately upon return.
  4. Students injured away from campus should retain all receipts to submit to the Benefits Center for student insurance coverage.

Medical Insurance

Campus Recreation recommends that all non-student sport club members have a medical insurance policy in effect during any club related activity. All University of Illinois students are required to have medical insurance.

Health and Safety

Each individual participating in a sport club assumes responsibility for their own health. All individuals who intend to participate in Club Sport activities should, for their own protection, have a physical examination prior to participating.


Competition schedules should be made available to Campus Recreation. Campus Recreation receives many phone calls and requests for schedules.


Spectators are welcome at club-related activities. The collection of donations or establishment of admission fees must have the prior approval of the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the sport club to ensure that all spectators adhere to the policies regarding facility usage during each event.

Facility Reservations

Registered Student Organizations

To be eligible for space, Club Sports must be a Registered Student Organizations in good standing with the University, and as such, must receive approval for their Facility Request Form from the Illini Union prior to being submitted to Campus Recreation. Forms without approval will not be considered.

Procedures to Reserve Space

An approved Facility Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Registered Student Organizations Office at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of an event. The form will then be directed to Campus Recreation for approval. Reservations for large social events or sporting tournaments should be submitted earlier as they may take more time and resources to accomodate. In requests for larger events, you may be asked to meet with the Assistant Director of Club Sports to discuss event details.

Requesting parties will receive email notification once their request has been reviewed by Campus Recreation. The requesting party will receive an approved copy or a request for edits of their space request via email.


  1. Dues and fundraisers generated by club members usually represent a major portion of the club budget. It is expected that sport clubs be as self-sufficient as possible.
  2. The Student Organization Resource Fund (SORF) may be applied for by all Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and can be used to help fund such things as travel, permanent equipment and honorariums. For detailed information on the application for SORF funds, visit

Financial Responsibility

Each club is responsible for the generating and expending of their own funds. It is very important that each club accurately anticipate expenses and ensures that funds are available to satisfy the bills that will accrue throughout the course of the year. A budget summary should be completed to ensure adequate funding is available for your club. Campus Recreation or the University will not be responsible for any debt accrued by the club. Delinquent bills could threaten the status of your club. Contact the Assistant Director for Club Sports for assistance in these matters.

Marketing and Publicity

Clubs can complete the "Marketing Request" form for marketing support from Campus Recreation. Social Media promotion will be provided free of carge, and additional marketing options are available for an additional cost.

Coach Visitor Passes

Passes should be requested by completing the "Coach Visitor Pass Request" on the forms page of our website. Clubs are limited to two passes per year. Keep in mind that this form needs to be filled out in its entirety, and must be returned to the Assistant Director of Club Sports. Processing time for this form can take over one week.

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